About us

I’m happy to say that everything is growing well at MDC Foods – and I don’t just mean our fruit and veg.

Since our foundation in 1989, our good reputation for providing frozen vegetables of the highest quality has taken us into new markets and new product areas. Our comprehensive portfolio has grown to include frozen fruit and ready meals too, bringing you the world’s finest produce from our best-in-class supply partners across the globe.

But it’s not our enviable range or our diverse channels of distribution that set us apart, it’s our people. Our core team has now grown in both number and experience into a dedicated group of extremely knowledgeable frozen food professionals, each with a true passion for what they do. Whether it’s for retail, foodservice or industry, we work to understand your business and your consumers. From the agronomists working in their fields to our Commercial Managers out in theirs, everyone here is equally committed to delivering not just excellent produce but great new ideas and top class service too.

Michael Cullinane

Managing Director